one husband two kids and I’m only 19

Rose was always more advanced than her friends when it came to growing up. But her life changed when she met Cameron, a boy who was three years older than her. Soon she found herself falling in love, and then at sixteen, she welcomed her daughter Becca. Now she’s married, she’s pregnant and she’s just months from finishing high school! Book Two: My Life, My Love, My Kids… Two and a half years have passed since Becca’s fifth birthday, and things have changed. Becca’s seven now, Addy’s four and the triplets are almost three! Rose has started college, but finds it difficult juggling home life and school life, learning that everything’s changed since she was a pregnant high school senior raising a two year old. While the family are still happy, things are always changing, and there are new challenges for them all to overcome.

<p><strong>Chapter One... Positive?</strong></p>
<p>Waiting... Waiting... Waiting...</p>
<p>Three minutes certainly went slow when you wanted them to pass quickly. It was two in the morning, and I stood nervously over the bathroom sink as I stared at the stick that I'd just peed on. I hadn't planned on having another baby any time soon, but I guess you can't plan everything in life.</p>
<p>I had woken up to the sound of my daughter Becca crying just an hour before. I was six days late, and had been trying to avoid the inevitable. Becca was only two years old, and I had hoped she would be at least four before my husband and I had any more children.</p>
<p>I could hear Cameron's loud snores from the room next to the bathroom. He was the perfect husband, but he was old enough that he didn't look odd with two children... let alone one. I was eighteen, a high school senior, and I had a two year old. </p>
<p>Yes, I did always do everything a little bit early.</p>
<p>I remembered back to the day I found out I was pregnant with Becca. I was fifteen, just two days off my sweet sixteen. And I had never been more scared in my life.</p>
<p><strong><em>*Three Years Before...*</em></strong></p>
<p>I felt sick to my stomach. I had some annoying bug that had been pestering me for the last week. The worst thing? It would come and go over different parts of the day. I felt absolutely perfect when I didn't feel like throwing up, and it would last for hours. Then, out of nowhere, this annoying nausea would suddenly return and I'd be hugging the toilet bowl, praying for it to disappear again.</p>
<p>My mom had been asking me if I was alright, and I would complain that this stomach bug was a pain in the ass! Nobody else seemed to have it, and that's what annoyed me the most. I just wanted it to go away...</p>
<p>"Why don't you try drinking some ginger ale?" mom suggested as I sat nauseously at the kitchen bench again. </p>
<p>"Yuck!" I groaned. "That would make me feel even worse!"</p>
<p>"Well, I'm offering you a suggestion," mom snapped. "Look. If it's still around in a couple of days I'll take you to the doctor. Okay?"</p>
<p>"Mom, I'm sixteen in two days!" I complained. "I want to be all better by then!"</p>
<p>"I don't know where you even picked this bug up from," mom mumbled. "At least you haven't given it to any of us yet."</p>
<p>"Please," I groaned. "Take it from me. I'm sick of having the toilet bowl as my best friend, you know."</p>
<p>"Oh, Rose," mom sighed. "I've never met a girl who could complain as much as you do, you know that?"</p>
<p>"Mommy, make me better," I begged.</p>
<p>"Go up into my bathroom and get the pepto-bismol," mom suggested. "That might help a bit, okay?"</p>
<p>"Alright," I sighed, getting up off the stool.</p>
<p>I walked into mom's bathroom. It was quite large for an ensuite. I started searching through the cupboards when something made me come to a staggering halt. Something I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of myself.</p>
<p>A colourful box of tampons sat at my eye level, and I realised something. I felt cold inside... No... No way... I was too young for that. Right?</p>
<p>It wasn't <em>impossible.</em> In fact, it was quite possible. My body felt stiff as I opened my mouth and let out a scream.</p>
<p>Suddenly mom and my older sister Jenna burst into the room. My dad and my brother weren't home, luckily. This was gonna be bad enough.</p>
<p>"Rose? What happened? What's wrong?" mom asked, shaking my shocked figure.</p>
<p>"Rose?" Jenna asked. "Oi! What's up, sis?"</p>
<p>"Talk to us, honey," mom spoke softly.</p>
<p>"Not possible..." I gasped, barely audible.</p>
<p>"What isn't possible?" mom asked, frowning. My eyes were still fixed on the little box that caused me to go into a state of shock.</p>
<p>Mom followed my eyes and started looking through the cupboard. Jenna just stood there, unsure of what to think. I couldn't blame her, really.</p>
<p>"Did you find the pepto?" mom asked, looking at me again.</p>
<p>"No," I managed to say.</p>
<p>"What is it, Rose?" mom asked, getting a little frustrated.</p>
<p>"It's not a bug," I replied, my eyes filling with water.</p>
<p>"A bug?" mom frowned, and then her eyes fell on the box that I'd been staring at in disbelief. Suddenly her brain clicked, and she knew exactly what was running through my head. Her eyes fell on Jenna.</p>	</div>

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